Spring Tool Suite (STS) is an extended IDE of Eclipse. It specializes in developing Spring applications. In this tutorial, we show you how to install Spring Tool Suite (STS) on Eclipse.


Install Spring Tool Suite Tutorial

Install Eclipse IDE

Download Eclipse from Eclipse software and choose the Eclipse latest version for your operating system and Java installation. I choose to download eclipse for windows 10 64 bit.

Install Spring Tool Suite

On Eclipse menu, Help -> Eclipse Marketplace...

Eclipse Marketplace

Into the "Search" tab, type STS and press Enter. The search should return the a "Spring Tools (aka Spring IDE and Spring Tool Suite)"  plugin, similarly to the image below:

Spring Tools (aka Spring IDE and Spring Tool Suite)

Click on Install, then click Confirm

confirm selected features

Selected "I accept the terms of the license agreements", then click "Finish".

review licenses

After installation is complete, Eclipse will ask you restart IDE. Click Yes to restart.

restart eclipse

spring dashboard

select a wizard

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