How to Install Ubuntu Desktop on VMware Workstation


In this tutorial, we show you how to install Ubuntu Desktop in VMware Workstation on Windows.

How to Install Ubuntu Desktop on VMware

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Download Ubuntu Desktop Image

Go to Ubuntu website and select Download Ubuntu Desktop.
Download the latest LTS version of Ubuntu for desktop here:
Or  Download the Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS here:

Download VMware Workstation

VMware Workstation here:

Open VMware Workstation and configuration

Select the "Create a New Virtual Machine" button

Create a New Virtual Machine VMware Workstation

Choose "Custom (advanced)", then click the "Next".

create a virtual machine with advanced options

Click the "Next".

choose the virtual machine hardware compatibility

Select "I will install the operating system later" lets you manually install the operating system after the initial setup, then click "Next".

guest operating system installation

"Guest operating system" select options "Linux", and version "Ubuntu 64-bit", then click "Next".

select a guest operating system

Browse "Location" and enter "Virtual machine name", then click "Next".

name the virtual machine

Select the number of processors and cores, click "Next".

processor configuration
Select the amount of RAM, "Memory for this virtual machine", Select "Next" when finished.

memory for the virtual machine

Select the type of network to use on the VMware Workstation. Select "Use network address translation (NAT), then click "Next".

network type for vm

Select I/O Controller Types, leave this default and select "Next".

Select I/O Controller Types

Select a Disk Type, leave this default and select "Next".

select a disk type

Select a Disk, use the "New virtual disk" option, finished the "Next".

create a new virtual disk

Choose the maximum disk size (GB), and select "Store virtual disk as a single file", then click "Next".
specify disk capacity

Specify Disk File, where would you like to store the disk file. Then click "Next".

specify disk file

Review the VMware settings and click "Finish" button.

ready to create virtual machine

Click on "Edit virtual machine setting", Select the "CD/DVD(SATA)". You will see "Use ISO image file" at the right . Click on it and locate the ISO file of operating system. Then click on OK.

edit virtual machine settings ues iso image file

Click on "Power on this virtual machine", then install Ubuntu following the instructions.

ubuntu desktop

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