Most useful shortcuts in Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers

We can be more productive, when using shortcut keys frequently in Eclipse. We can perform actions much faster. Below you will find a list of shortcut keys which are useful for Java Programmer in Eclipse IDE on Windows.
Most useful shortcuts in Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers

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Ctrl + K or Ctrl + Shift + K

Finds the next/previous occurrence of the currently selected text.

Ctrl + Shift + O

Organize the imports. Missing classes will be imported and the unused imports will remove

Ctrl + L

Go to line. Jump to specific line number.

Ctrl + D

Delete Current Line.

Ctrl + Shift + F

Formats code. Uses the code formatter to format the current text selection.

Ctrl + F

Find/Replace. Open a search box to search/replace text.

Ctrl + H

Search Entire Project. Opens the search dialog

Alt + Up/Down Arrow

Move the line up or down.

Alt + Left/Right Arrow

Move to the last location we edited.

Ctrl + T

Quick hierarchy. Show the subtypes hierarchy of the class.

Ctrl + E

Shows a list of all open editors.

Ctrl + Shift + R

Find any files in our workspace.

Ctrl + 1

Quick Fix. If the cursor is located at a location with problem indication this opens a context assist dialog at the current cursor to present possible corrections.

Ctrl + Shift + L

Quick Text Search

Ctrl + O

Open Type In Hierarchy. Show inherited members.

Ctrl + F6

Move between open editors. Switching to the next editor through a list

Alt + Shift + W

Show in package explorer

Ctrl + W

Close current file.

Alt + Shift + W

Close all files.

Ctrl + F7

Move between views.

Ctrl + Space

Content assist/ code completion.

Alt + Shift + R

Rename. Rename of package, class, variables ...
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